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two phrases with get - learn English

In this English lesson, you’ll learn two phrases with ‘get’. You’ll also get some writing practice.

Video Transcript

Hello, everybody! This is Jack from tofluency.com. Welcome to this English lesson where we’re going to look at two phrases: get dark and get light. Now, it’s nearly 9 p.m. here.You can hear the birds singing, you might be able to hear people talking on the porch, and it is starting to get dark. So, it is in the process of getting dark right now. It’s not dark but it is starting to get dark. now. So, this just means the change, you know, the change going from light to dark.

Now the opposite is to get light. So, in the morning here, about 6 30am, it starts getting light. So, I have a couple
of questions for you: what time does it get dark where you are in the summer? And what time does it get
light in the summer?

Let me know in the comments section below. Thank you for watching. See you next time!

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  • Silvia Jeane

    I live in Brasil, Brasilia. Usually in the summer 6:39am, it starts getting light, and 5:50pm, it starts getting dark.