Future Tenses in English: Watch this Video to See Real Examples

Talking about the future in English


Come for a walk with me and listen to real examples of how to talk about the future in English. Be sure to turn on the captions!

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Examples of Future Tenses (Video Transcript)

Good morning, everybody! It’s currently Friday and, again, I’m just walking back from dropping my son off at daycare. Let me check the road… okay, no cars are coming! So, I want to just talk about the weekend in this video and just to give you some practice and give you some examples of how you talk about plans for the future.

Now, I made video on this, and the link to that is in the description – it goes through the different ways to talk about the weekend or anything in the future.

But, I’m just going to tell you what we’re going to do this weekend and listen to the tenses. So, my wife’s cousin is here at the moment and he is probably going to stay today and this evening. So, Rigel is his name and Rigel and I are going to go downtown and find a coffee shop and we’re both going to do some work downtown. I’m going to do some video editing and he’s going to do some video editing too.

And then, this Saturday, we don’t really have big plans. But we need to tidy (the house). We need to sort through some things in our house. We have too much stuff at the moment and we’re probably going to do some tidying, some cleaning, and do some gardening too. Because it’s that time of the year when there are a lot of plants growing and things grow really quickly, so you have to, constantly, mow the lawn and do things like that.

Now, on Sunday, I’m playing football in the evening. My son and my wife and going to come and watch the game, so before that, we’re probably going to have a relaxing Sunday. I need to do a little bit of work this weekend too, erm, because I’m behind on a few things, but generally speaking, we don’t have big plans at the moment except for going downtown today, oh, going to a show tonight which is outside and, hopefully, it’ll be dry. And then, just tidying, organizing things and getting ready for the summer. There’s a good phrase that you can use and it’s called, erm, spring clean. So, we’re going to have a spring clean this weekend. We’ll see if it happens or not because sometimes, we want to do this but we get tired, my son wants to play instead, erm, so we’ll see if it happens, but we do want to have a spring clean and organize a few things. So, what I want you to do is watch that video where I talk about talking about the future and then let me know what you’re doing this upcoming weekend.So, it doesn’t matter when you’re watching this, let me know what you’re doing this weekend. So, please like and share this video, thank you for watching, see you guys next time!

What to Do Now:

Learn more about English future teneses here. How to use the present simple to talk about the future here. And then, leave a comment below.

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