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Kate and I are back with another conversation. This time, we talk about the future!

(Be sure to listen for will and going to!)

Phrases Used in This Lesson

List of Phrases Used in This Lesson

I’m kind of a pessimist

She’s such a pessimist

I try not to be a pessimist

I try not to be nasty – I’m just tired

I worry about things

I worry about money

I’m pretty optimistic about the future

He’s optimistic about the game

what about you?

I think I’m an optimist

He used to be an optimist

when you read the news, you start to panic

I start to panic when I’m under water too long

you can feel really down about it

It’s harder to do these days

public education is in danger right now

Man Utd are in danger of losing this game

hopefully, she’ll be able to have the same opportunities

I didn’t have the same opportunities as you

having children makes you think more about the future

it makes you think about what’s going to happen

when we were in our twenties, we were just living in the moment

I’m trying to just live in the moment

we didn’t think about saving for the future

we didn’t think about earning a lot of money

that still seems like a strange concept

I would like to be able to learn more

I’d like to be able to travel more

I want to learn my entire life

I’ve been doing this my entire life

I got this thirst for learning after university

I think that’s pretty common

it’s not that common in Europe

academia can be kind of a bubble

university felt like one big bubble

you don’t really get the big picture

I wish I could just dive back in

Okay, we’ve had our rest, let’s dive back into the project

what is education going to be like?

what is the world going to be like in 30 years?

is it going to be online?

it’s really great that you brought that up

don’t bring that up again!

it’s a great thing to have

I’d love to take a trip every year

let’s take a trip somewhere warm this winter

where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself living abroad when I’m retired

maybe I’ll also be a world-famous artist

maybe I’ll be famous in 5 years

you’ve wanted to write a novel for a long time

I’ve always wanted to be able to speak English

do you see yourself writing one in the next ten years?

it’s hard to imagine me doing anything big right now

it’s hard to imagine being able to have free time

I can throw myself into it

you have to throw yourself into learning English

time has been going so much faster

time flies when you’re having fun

I’m pretty excited about this

She’s excited about the party

there was this article that I came across

I came across a strange video the other day

do you think it’s a positive thing?

It’s definitely a positive thing

do you want me to start?

do you want me to do it?

I want to be able to drive

I want to be able to do it on my own

it just goes wherever you want it to go

it’s going to solve the parking problem

I can’t solve this maths quiz – can you help?

so, you wouldn’t have your own car?

when you push a button, it picks you up

when you push a button, it orders more beer for you

this hurts my brain

having a car is a really big part of American culture

driving wasn’t a big deal in Spain

learning a language isn’t a big deal in America

we didn’t even have a car in Spain

they don’t even have running water

people relied on public transport

you can’t rely on public transport in America

how it’s gonna be cheaper?

I think self-driving cars could just explode at any moment

I think that there will be more and more of that

I just don’t see flying cars as being that necessary

Flying cars seem a long way off

our holiday seems a long way off

we could talk about this for hours

he can talk for hours and hours

it will cost less over the long-term

over the short-term, it’s hard to do

using renewable resources will be better for everyone

that’s a no-brainer

I think that we’re going to get there

it seems like it’s inevitable

self-driving cars are inevitable


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