English Listening Practice #7: How I Met My Wife


I have a great story for you in this lesson.

There are a few notes from the video below, but download the full lesson plan to really help your English (see below).

This is a fun and engaging way to improve your English, so click play and watch in HD!

Step 1. Watch the Video

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Everyday English (Listening Practice): How I Met My Wife

I hope you enjoyed the story.

There were a lot of interesting phrases and tenses that I used in this video.

Did you notice how I used the third conditional and also a mixed conditional?

Download the worksheet to get the full transcript and to learn new words and phrases.

Step 2. Download the Worksheet for FREE!

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  • Great story!

  • khadeja

    that’s really interesting, that guy who guided you to the wrong way. You should of trying to find him and thanking him 😁

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