English Vocabulary: Using WISH for a Change of Situation

Wish Definition Change of Situation

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In this lesson, I show how I used the verb wish in one of my videos, and then give more examples.

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In the example I gave, I said the following:

“It’s a beautiful day today, and I wish I didn’t have to work.”

One way to use wish is when we want to change current or past situations. This is when it is impossible to change or when it is highly unlikely.

When we want to change a current situation, we do this: wish + past simple. That is why I said, “I wish I DIDN’T have to work.”

When we want to change a past situation, we do this: wish + past perfect

Here are three more examples:

  • “I wish I had more time.”
  • “I wish I could speak another language.”
  • “I wish I had studied harder.”

Here is a video on how to use ‘hope’.

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The difference between wish and hope

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  • nur

    I wish,I had studied more English during my high school years

  • luiz reinaldo rodrigues de oli

    I wish I had studied english and known an english country before I was on high school.

    • “… had visited an English country before going to high school.” Thanks for your example!

  • Nafa

    I wish I didn’t have a headache.

    • Great example, but sorry to hear about your headache. Get well soon!

  • Marcelo Lisa

    I wish I had been in Quebec some years ago when I had this opportunity but I didn´t go there.