In this English lesson, we’re going to learn how best to learn English through stories.

Reading or listening to stories is an effective way to learn new words and phrases and internalize grammar.

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How to Learn English Through Stories

Let’s define a story:

a narrative, either true or fictitious, in prose or verse, designed to interest, amuse, or instruct the hearer or reader; tale.

There are two main types of stories: fiction and non-fiction. Fiction is based on imagination. Non-fiction is based on facts.

As I mention in the lesson, I prefer non-fiction.

Here is a quote on storytelling:

“People are hungry for stories. It’s part of our very being. Storytelling is a form of history, of immortality too. It goes from one generation to another.” – Studs Terkel

To be hungry for something means to have a strong desire for something. Stories are memorable because they stir our emotions.

Think about it:


Stories can make you happy or sad

When someone tells you a story that is sad, you feel sad. If they tell you a happy story, you feel happy.

And when we are emotionally engaged, we remember things much more easily.

With all that in mind, let’s get into some tips that will help you learn English through reading or listening to stories.

Tip 1: Get the Audiobook

Listening to English will dramatically improve your ability to have conversations. Also, if you read and listen to stories at the same time, you’ll learn how to pronounce words in English (and sentences!).

You can listen to the audiobook wherever you go. And most learners don’t listen to enough English.

Tip 2: Find Interesting Books

Find stories that engage you. A good story will open you up to new language and you’ll want to read more.

Additionally, learning the type of English that you’re going to use in conversations is smart. I love talking about football, therefore, I listen to podcasts about football in other languages. That way, I know the vocabulary needed to talk about this subject.

Like I have said many times before, there is no need to read something that you find boring.

Tip 3: Don’t Make it Too Difficult

If the language is too hard, you won’t learn much English. It’s not enjoyable reading something that is too complex. Therefore, find books that suit you and your level.

More on this soon…

books to read in EnglishTip 4: Join a Book Club

Join other people who are learning English and talk about particular books. This will help you better understand what you’re reading and you’ll get more practice speaking in English.

It will also hold you accountable to actually read the book. It’s embarrassing going to a book club and telling people that you haven’t read the chosen book!

Tip 5: Test the Book First

Instead of just buying a book, test it first. Read a few pages to see if you’re going to like it. You can do this on Amazon by clicking “Look Inside This Book.” Read a few pages to see if it’s going to help you.

Tip 6: Stories Are Everywhere

You can read or listen to stories in lots of places. Watch stand-up comedy. Listen to one of these podcasts that focus on storytelling. Ted.com is a great place too. Check out my lessons that give you English listening practice. And see a story that was written by a friend here.

Recommended Books

Check out this book that is both interesting and written in simple English.

Also search for “Graded Readers” in Google. Get books for your level and be sure to find books with audio.

Let us know what books you like reading in English 😃

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