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This is a fun English lesson that gives you phrases that you’ll hear people say on Thanksgiving Day and on Black Friday.

Hope you enjoy it!

How long will this take?

We’re using the verb take to talk about duration. You can use either will, going to, or the present simple.

  • it takes me ten minutes to get to work.
  • how long are you going to take in the shower? You’ve been in there forever!

I left the turkey in too long

To leave something in somewhere means that you don’t take it out!

In the example from the video, we left the turkey in the oven too long ☹️

For example:

  • I left my keys in the car
  • Don’t leave that beer in the freezer much longer

Learn more phrases verbs here

What are you thankful for?

This is similar to asking: what are you grateful for? This is a big part of Thanksgiving – to give thanks.

Could you pass me the gravy, please?

This is how you ask someone for something. You can also use can.

(Do you love gravy too?)

Have you seen the line at…?

In British English, you would say: have you seen the queue at…?

This is used to express shock at something. Here are more examples:

  • have you seen the size of that guy?
  • have you seen how happy she looks?


I just got a deal on…

This means that you got something for a great price.

  • I’m waiting until I get a good deal
  • Did you get a good deal?

Watch this to learn the difference that I mentioned in the lesson:

I shouldn’t have bought that

We use ‘shouldn’t have’ to talk about regrets in the past.

  • I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.
  • He shouldn’t have come to the party after what he did.

Here is a lesson on that:

I’m doing all my shopping online this year

To do your shopping online means that you buy things online.

  • I’m doing my Christmas shopping online this year

What are you buying now?

By adding now, it suggests that my wife has been buying a lot of things. Did you notice the way I said this too?

  • what are you eating now?
  • what are you watching now?

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