English Phrases: Can’t Put a Book Down – Explanation and Examples

TFEEE Put down a book

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In this lesson, I show how I used the phrase can’t book a book down in one of my videos, and then give more examples.

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Can’t Put a Book Down

In the example I gave, I said the following:

“The key is… finding a book that is going to really interest you. A book that you just can’t put down.”

(The clip was taken from this video.)

This means that you should find a book that is so interesting that you can’t stop reading it. Here are two more examples:

  • “I can’t put down this book, it’s so good!”
  • “My friend is reading Harry Potter. He can’t put it down.”

I also shared a joke in the video: My friend is reading an anti-gravity book… he can’t put it down.

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  • I couldn’t put down ” Pride and Prejudice ” , this story is so mind blowing .