English Phrases: Find Something Difficult – Explanation and Examples

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In this lesson, I show how I used the phrase find something difficult in one of my videos, and then give more examples.

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Find Something Difficult

In the video clip, I said the following:

“The majority of English learners find writing more difficult than reading and speaking more difficult than listening.”

(The clip was taken from this video.)

This means that speaking is more difficult for most English learners than listening. Here are two more examples:

  • “My student finds the word ‘would’ difficult to say”
  • “When someone falls over, I find it difficult not to laugh.”

As you can see, we use the infinitive (to say, not to laugh) with this phrase. Additionally, it’s important to know that we use this phrase when we are talking about specific people, and what they personally find difficult.

  • English is difficult = general statement
  • I find English difficult = personal statement

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  • Александр Блонский

    I find the most difficult is listening in learning English

    • “What I find most difficult is…”

  • Almir L de Sá

    It is more difficult to me speaking than reading and writing in English.

    • “I find speaking more difficult than…”


    I have allways more difficult to listening and speaking than reading and writing in English.

    • “I have always found listening and speaking more difficult than…”

  • nesmamaged

    what i find most difficult is listening because i can’t trace all the words and their meaning in that short time while they are speaking !!

    • Thanks for your comment. Being able to understand when someone is speaking takes time. But the more you listen, the more you will improve.