Learn English: Memorial Day, Greenways & Having a Day Off (Phrase)

have a day off and greenways - learn English

In this video, I take you to one of the local greenways. Enjoy!

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Video Transcript

Hello, everybody. This is jack from tofluency.com. Welcome to this video where I’m going to talk about Memorial Day. Now, please excuse me if it’s a little bit loud – the background noise – because there’s a creek behind me and there are also a lot of people going past on their bikes and things like that, but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a beautiful area to make this video. Now, today is Memorial Day here in the US, and this is a national holiday. It’s where people have a day off and they celebrate and think about those who have served in the Army.

Now, my son is at daycare my wife actually went to school to do some administration. So, I’ve decided to take a little bit of a break and to go for a long walk this morning. It’s currently about 10am and… yeah, I’m just really enjoying getting out of the house – enjoying being away from my normal environment and to come to this greenway. Now, just above here it’s a greenway, ok, and this is just basically … like a path that connects different areas of the town or the city and it’s for pedestrians only. You can come on your bike you can come with animals but generally speaking, it’s just a place just to enjoy nature and get away from the busy roads and to go for a walk somewhere.

Now, the city of Asheville, where I live, they are planning on creating a huge network of these greenways and more are being built each year, so, I love coming down here, especially this one, because it’s near where I live. And as you can see, it’s a beautiful place to come. So, I’ve used some useful vocabulary in this lesson and what I suggest you do is to go to my blog, there’ll be a link in the description or on this video, and I’ll have more examples of some of the phrases I used, for example, to have a day off. So, thank you for watching this video and I’ll see you guys next time!

English Phrases from the Video

First, here is a better explanation of Memorial Day.

Have a day off = to not go to work

  • I need to have a day off
  • Do we get a day off next week?

Get out of the house = leave the house (it suggests that you need a change)

  • Let’s get out of the house this afternoon

Greenway = a path and area that vehicles can’t access

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  • The view is absolutely fantastic ! Unfortunately , I don’t have greenways where I live .