English Lesson: My Dog (Phrasal Verbs and More)

Puppy English

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In this lesson, I show you a picture that I posted of my dog and then go through the English I used.

Warning: You are going to see a VERY cute dog!

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English Language Analysis

Here is what I wrote:

“Here is a picture of my dog, Toby, as a puppy. Before we adopted him, we wanted to make sure that he got on with our dog, Lyle. So, we took Lyle to meet him. Toby was crazy. He kept trying to play with Lyle and nip his legs. But, he was sweet and although we knew he was going to be trouble, we decided to bring him home.”

Adopt = to give a dog a home. You can use this with children too.

Get on with (phrasal verb) = to be friendly with some, to like them.

Nip = to bite lightly in a playful way

What to Do Now:

1. Answer the question that I asked in the video.
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  • Yes, I do. I get on with all my neighbors .