Set English Learning Goals

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Many English learners that I speak to want to reach a high level.

But they don’t have a specific goal or plan to get there.

In this video, I explain why having a goal is so powerful for your English learning. And then, I ask you a question (answer below).

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Do You Have a Dream or a Goal for Your English Learning?

Take a look at the two following statements:

  • “I really want to learn English”
  • “I have a goal to reach a C1 level in the next 12 months”

Do you see the difference?

The first one is a desire/dream. The second one is a specific goal.

And having a goal is very powerful for your English fluency journey.

I always hear and read English learners say that they want to learn English, or that they need it for their job.

But it is rare for hear someone talk about their specific goals and their plans to get there.

Why Having an English Learning Goal Is So Powerful

Firstly, a goal it gives you clarity on what you want to achieve in your English learning. This gives you purpose and direction.

Secondly, a goal with a deadline helps you work out how to get there. This gives you a plan of action so that you can make amazing progress.

Many English learners I speak with are motivated one month, but they soon lose this motivation – having a goal helps you stay motivated for the long-term, even when things seem hard.

And finally, setting a goal like reaching a specific level of English by a specific date will help you make all the right decisions on a daily basis.

Remember, learning English is all about doing lots of small things right and not about one intensive course. A specific goal that you are focused on will ensure you make the right choices and do the right things on a daily basis.

Here is an inspiring quote on this topic:

“Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.” ~ Fitzhugh Dodson

What to Do Now:

1. Write your English learning goal in the comment section below.
2. If you haven’t done so already, download your FREE Guide and to receive English learning advice from me.

I hope this helps you with your English learning journey!

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5 replies
  1. Beatriz C Carvalho Santos
    Beatriz C Carvalho Santos says:

    I really want to improve my skills in English especially my listening. I want to understand whatever I hear and I hope to reach it before june when I’m going to do the Fce. I love watching your videos because the way that you speak help me to listen much better than other one.Please, correct me if I made some mistake. Thanks for all. Beatriz

    • Jack Askew
      Jack Askew says:

      Thanks for your comment Beatriz. Listening is SO important for improving your English. Try and get as much listening practice as you can. Make it fun and comprehensible too. Please get in touch with me if you have any questions.

  2. Rimed
    Rimed says:

    I have a purpose to improve myself in speaking fluently without afraid and in listening,too in order to demonstrate myself between others for accessing being important person In learning English
    *this is my answer for your question..*

  3. Oleg Skorupskiy
    Oleg Skorupskiy says:

    Thank you Jack,

    Firstly your question: I do have the specific goal. It is my IELTS exam, which I am supposed
    to take in the next 2 – max 3monthes from now and scores to obtain 7/7+ as an average.
    Hopefully, it’s going to become my first step towards successful immigration to Canada.

    Secondly, I don’t know what a specific goal you have, doing what you do, but “Bro” it is just
    GRAITE and fantastic job. You inspire people like me to learn your language,

    and to do that the appropriate way, having fan and leadership.

    Wish I could have met you before,

    Oleg Skorupskiy
    Ukraine, Lviv

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