English Idioms: No Spring Chicken

No spring chicken

I have a great idiom for you in this English lesson. And pay attention to the other phrase I introduce.

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No Spring Chicken (Video Transcript)

Hey, guys. This is Jack from tofluency.com. I feel fantastic today. I feel so good. And I think the reason is because I went to the gym this morning and I did some really intensive exercise. I normally go and do some light stuff. Maybe a quick swim… lift a few weights, but this morning I worked out really intensively. So, I think that’s why I feel so good.

But, what I want to tell you, in this lesson, is related to the gym. Because I was in the sauna and I was talking to two guys. Now, one of them said to his friend, “It’s taking a long time for my rib to recover.” Okay, so your rib is right here and he said, “It’s taking a long time for my rib to recover.” The other guy said, “Well, you’re no spring chicken.”

And this is a really interesting idiom. It just means that you are no longer a young person. You’re not young anymore. And it’s another way to say: well, you’re quite old now. So, obviously, this is to be used between friends. Don’t just use this idiom with random people on the street. But it’s a good one to know and you might hear it a lot in TV shows in books, things like that. So, yeah, the guy said, “My rib is taking a long time to recover.” – he must have had an injury – and the other guy said, “Well, you’re no spring chicken.” So, it’s a good idiom to know.

Just to go back the first part, he’s talking about his rib and how long it’s taking to recover. And notice the sentence structure – it’s taking a long time to recover. It’s taking a long time to recover.

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  • I’m no spring chicken . I’m over 55 . I get exhausted quickly and I don’t have a lot of energy .