English Idioms: Killing Me / Make a Killing

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In this latest English lesson, I share a very common idiom.

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Video Transcript

Hello! This is jack from tofluency.com. Now, I’ve got an idiom that I want to share with you today (it’s) very specific to how I’m feeling. So, here it is: my throat is killing me today – my throat is killing me today. And this simply means that my throat is very very sore. So, we use this idiom when something is really sore, for example, if you go for a long walk and – maybe you’re walking for five hours – you can say my feet are killing me. My feet are killing me. So, this simply means that your feet are very very sore. So, yeah, today my throat is killing me.

Now another way that you can use this with a different type of meaning is when you really want to know something but you can’t find out about it. For example, once I was traveling with my wife and my football team were playing, and I always want to know what the score is when my football team are playing. But I didn’t have any service or signal on my mobile phone so  couldn’t find out what the score was. So, I said to my wife “It’s killing me not knowing. It’s killing me not knowing.” So, in this case .it just means that I want to find out something but I can’t and it’s making me feel terrible!

The third idiom I want to share which has killing in it is this: to make a killing. Now, this simply means to make a lot of money. So, I can say my friend made a killing selling things on eBay. My friend made a killing selling things on eBay. Now, I originally shared the first idiom on Snapchat and Instagram, so please follow me on both of those profiles.

If you have any questions about this video please, leave them in the comments section below. So, thank you for watching and I’ll see you in next time!

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