Learn English Vocabulary: In the Garden

Learn English Vocabulary - in the Garden

In this video, I show you my yard and introduce two useful English phrases.

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Present Perfect Examples (Video Transcript)

Hello, everybody! This is Jack from tofluency.com and I’m currently outside because yesterday I did a lot of yard work. You can probably see behind me – it’s a little bit bright – but yesterday I did a couple of things: I spent about an hour in the garden and I did two main things:

So, firstly I mowed the lawn – so this is to mow the lawn – this is where you take a lawnmower and you go over the grass to cut the grass. You can also say cut the grass as well. So, you can mow the lawn or cut the grass. Now, when we first moved here, all this area was full of weeds it was terrible, you couldn’t move for the weeds.

So, over the last year or so we’ve managed to establish a lawn or some kind of lawn, so things are improving a little bit in that sense. We also used to have what’s called a real mower or a push mower. This is a manual type of mower but recently we bought a gas-powered mower and it makes everything so much easier.

Now, the second thing I did – I’m gonna show you this way now – is I weeded this area, so I’m gonna move back here you can see me properly. But I weeded this area so as I said before there were a lot of weeds in this yard, and there still is in certain places, so I weeded this area here in front of me. So, this just means to pull the weeds out. So, weeds are the kind of plants you don’t want in your garden / in your yard. So, in the comments section, tell me if you have a garden or yard and how much time do you spend working on
the yard?

So, mowing the lawn… weeding or doing anything else. Thanks for watching, please leave a comment see you guys next time!

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  • I wish I had a garden or yard . But luckily , I don’t need to spend time working on it .

  • Beata Skwierczyńska

    I wish I had a garden like yours. It’s hard work but the result is amazing!!!