business English - describing charts 2

Ready to learn KEY phrases that will help you describe charts, graphs, and trends in English?

Watch the video lesson and then learn the phrases below!


When describing an uptrend (see image), we can use go up, increase, or rise.

go up: english phrases

  • from September 2016  to April 2017, the price of Bitcoin rose steadily
  • the price of Bitcoin went up / increased steadily

  • the price remained stable from May to July

go up - soar - shoot up - business english

  • it increased dramatically from October to December
  • it shot up from October to December
  • it soared from October to December


When predicting future prices, you can use will or going to.

  • I think the price will continue going down
  • I think the price is going to go back up

Look at how we talk about percentages in English:

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