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Day out - learn English phrases

In this English lesson, I introduce a couple of phrases that you’ll love using.

Video Transcript

Hello. This is Jack from tofluency.com. Now, in one of my other videos, I talked about having a day out at the Biltmore estate and somebody asked:what does this mean? What does a day out mean? Now, it simply means to go somewhere for the day. So, to go somewhere fun or to do an activity for the entire day – so, it suggests that you are leaving your house in the morning and you’re going to come back in the evening. For example, you can have a day out at the beach. So again, you leave in the morning you come back in the evening.

Now, a similar phrase is to take a day trip – take a day trip – so, I can say” let’s take a day trip to the beach today. Let’s take a day trip to the beach – and again, this is telling the person listening that you only want to go for the day. You don’t want to stay overnight. Now in addition to day out, we can also have and night out, ok, to have a night out. Now, what this means is to go somewhere in the evening for fun and it usually means to go to a bar or restaurant or a club or something like that. So, this is to have a night out. For example, I can say to my wife: let’s have a night out tonight, and what I’m saying is: let’s leave the house and do something fun in the evening. In many situations, people also just say: let’s go out tonight. And again, this is suggesting that you’re going to do something fun and you’re going to do it in the evening.

So, my question for you is this: What is your favorite day out? So, what do you like to do if you go out for the day? Leave your answers below this video and please
share this with anyone who will find it useful. Additionally., check out the description where I list the phrases that I used in this video. Thanks for watching!

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  • matdec

    my favorite day is rest in my house

  • Roberto Jiménez Madrigal

    In te day out my family and I visit Jacó Beach. It´s a beatiful beach in Puntarenas ,Province of Costa Rica. We go in the dry season because the wather is pretty. It starts from december to april. Many tourists visit it from different countrys like USA, CANADA and others. This beach is in the pacific ocean, 40 Kms from my hometown.