I Could Get Used to This – Learn English Phrases

i could get used to this

The other day, I posted the following on my Instagram account:

Good morning! My son is getting my daughter some breakfast. I could get used to this!

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I used the phrase: I could get used to this.

Let me explain how to use it in the following video:

We use this phrase when we are enjoying something and we want it to continue.

It’s usually used in a humorous way. For example, you will hear people saying this when they’re on drinking a cocktail by the pool.


… to get used to something means to become familiar with something.

For example, it was strange driving on the right in America (we drive on the left in the U.K.), but I got used to it.

I am now used to driving on the right side of the road.

Be careful. I used to live in Spain talks about a habit in the past.

Get the full lesson on this here.

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