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Phrasal Verbs Chill Out

Learn how to use ‘chill out’ in everyday English. This is a great phrasal verb to know.

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Video Transcript

(I’ve) done a lot of walking today here at the Biltmore estate,and now I’m just gonna listen to this music and chill out for a little while. Now, to learn more about how to use this phrasal verb: chill out, keep watching! As I mentioned in the video, to chill out means to completely relax.

So, we’re going to look at some examples now and i’m also going to show you another definition of it.
– so here is another example. She just wanted to chill out on the sofa all day. So, you can see this woman. She is
on the sofa.She is looking very relaxed, she has a blanket and she just wanted to chill out on the sofa all day.

Now, chill out can also mean to stop worrying or to stop feeling stressed. So, you can see in the picture these two people. They look really worried and stressed and this is what you might say in this situation:
Let’s just chill out as we can’t do anything. Let’s just chill out as we can’t do anything.

Now, I came across a quote somewhere on the internet and I haven’t been able to find it again but it went something like this: Never in the history of chilling out has anyone chilled out after being told to chill out. So, what happens in many situations is that if somebody is feeling stressed,then someone else says to them: chill out. Okay, in a very simple way: chill out. But usually, this has a negative response because it makes you feel more stressed and more anxious or more angry. So, I really like this quote and I think it is very true.

Now, my question for you is this: how do you like to chill out? For example, after a busy day at work what do you do to chill out and how do you chill out? So, thank you for watching this lesson and i’ll see you guys next time!

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  • Marie Chourová

    I like chilling out in my bath on Sunday evening.