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In this English lesson, you’ll learn how to use the phrase: change your mind.

This is a FANTASTIC phrase to know and it is commonly used by native and proficient speakers.

Video Transcript

Hello. This is Jack from Now, the other day my sister and I went to the restaurant and we ordered something. So, the server came to our table and asked us what we would like, and I said,”I’ll have the hamburger, please.” And then, she asked my sister what she wanted. But just as she was walking away I said, “Sorry. I’ve changed my mind.”

Now, we use the phrase ‘change your mind’ when we change our opinion and we adopt a different opinion or plan. So, in my case, I wanted something else, so, I let the server know that I had changed my mind. Here are some more examples of how to use this phrase: Now, the first example is talking about an opinion of somebody else, so I can say: I’ve changed my mind about him. I’ve changed my mind about him. He’s actually OK, so what I’m saying is that I used to think that he wasn’t okay – he wasn’t a nice person – but I changed my mind about him. Here is an example from a workplace – and you can say: the boss has changed his mind; he’s not going to fire him. So, he was going to fire him but he changed his mind. And the last example: she keeps changing her mind. She keeps changing her mind. So, notice that when we use keep we use the gerund after that: she keeps changing her mind.

So, what I want you to do now is to leave an example using this phrase, so use a sentence using change my mind / change your mind or anything similar and make it specific to your life as well. Give me a real example of this. So, if you have found this useful then please share it. Thank you for watching and I’ll speak to you soon.

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  • Beata Skwierczyńska

    I wanted spend my holiday in Italy but I have changed my mind and I went to Croatia. When I saw that Janet is doing well, I changed my mind about her.