Become Fluent in English: The No.1 Thing You Need to Make It Happen This Year

So, you want to become fluent in English?Firstly, let me tell you that most people who want to achieve the same goal as you don't achieve this.And achieving this in a year is especially tough.But... if this is your goal, then watch…
English Lesson on Christmas

An English Lesson about Christmas (With a Free PDF Worksheet and Audio!)

Merry Christmas!Here is a special video lesson that I've made about Christmas. I've included a FREE worksheet and audio file so that you can learn the English words and phrases from this lesson.Watch the video and then download your…

Learn English Podcast: A Conversation About Thanksgiving (Pilot Episode)

It's here!I'm so excited to share the pilot episode (test) of our new podcast here at To Fluency.My wife and I have been talking about doing this for a while. And yesterday, we sat down and recorded our first conversation.This will…

American English Words and Phrases I HATE Using

Here is something fun...... in this video, I outline 3 American English words and phrases that I hate using.Lesson Summary The words and phrases are:Awesome (I prefer amazing) Candy (sweets) I was like... (everyone says…

Monday Morning

I love Monday mornings. Find out why...I love Monday mornings. I wake up and feel excited about getting to work.I have created my own schedule and do what I love.You can do this with learning English too. There is no need to…
Come up with - phrasal verbs

COME UP WITH - Learn English Phrasal Verbs!

Welcome to this English lesson where you're going to learn how to use the phrasal verb come up with.Video Transcript Hello! This is Jack from Now, before I talk about the phrase and the phrasal verb for this lesson, I want…
Road Trip - Learn Everyday English

English Listening Practice: ROAD TRIP! - Learn English Vocabulary in a Natural Way

In this engaging video lesson, I talk about packing for a road trip. Watch the video, read the transcript, and then see the vocabulary notes below.Video Transcript Hello! This is Jack from and in this English lesson, you're…
okay thanks

I'm Okay, Thanks | Learn English Phrases

In this video, you will learn a phrase that you can use to decline something.Video Transcript Hello! This is Jack from - I'm still here at the Biltmore estate and I just overheard something which I wanted to share with you.…
milk round - english vocabulary practice

Milk Round: Learn Everyday English | English Listening Practice

Get everyday English listening practice in this video. Be sure to look at the vocabulary I use below!Video Transcript Hello! This is Jack from, and welcome to this English lesson where I'm going to talk about a job I had…
Could have third conditional

Could Have in the Third Conditional

(Note: If you want to reach a high level of English, click here.)Recently, I explained the different ways you can use 'could have'.In this Engish lesson, I expand on this and you will learn how to use 'could have' in the third conditional.Share…