Tf Vlog - coffee with Ellie

Learn Everyday English | TF Vlog #5 | Coffee with a Friend

Welcome to the #1 way to learn everyday English: The TF Vlog! In this episode, you're going to learn everyday phrases related to making videos, lunch, and meeting people for the first time. Watch on YouTube Lesson Notes I've done…

A VLOG for English Learners: Learn Everyday English (Winter Is Coming)

Many of you have asked for it and here it is. A VLOG made specifically for English learners. Come and join me as I teach you English in various places in a fun and engaging way. Be sure to turn on the subtitles. Prefer to watch…
English Listening Practice - Vlog for English Learners

A Day at the Biltmore: A Vlog for English Learners

I have a fun video for you today. Join me on my trip to the Biltmore Estate. Below, you will find a full transcript and some notes on the vocabulary that I used. If you find it useful, please share! Share the video with your friends,…