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3 Words that Highlight the Difference Between British English and American English Pronunciation

Even though we share a common language, there are differences between British and American English.In this video, I talk about three words that Americans don't understand when I say them.The meaning and spelling are the same. The difference…
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How to Make the Different Sounds of English: A Simple Method to Help You Improve

Most language schools don't focus on pronunciation.This is a problem.Your ability to use the correct intonation, rhythm, and stress will help you speak better English.But the best place to start is working on how you pronounce the…
Understand Native Speakers
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The Secret to Understanding Native Speakers of English

So many learners tell me:I find it difficult to understand native English speakers.In the video and article below, I'm going to tell you why!THE FIRST 2 REASONS WHY YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND NATIVE SPEAKERS These two are obvious but…
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How to Pronounce ED at the End of Words in English | Regular Verbs in the Past

Did you know that there are three different sounds for words that end in ED? Learn what they are and practice in this video!ED Pronunciation The three sounds are:/id/ /d/ /t/#1 /id/With this sound, we add an extra…
Gotta Pronunciation AJ25

Relaxed English Pronunciation: Gotta - Definition and Examples

I have already made a video on gonna. Here is another video looking at relaxed pronunciation (gotta). Enjoy!Share the video with your friends, and then read the article below... Gotta in English (Video Transcript) Hello, everybody!…
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'Going to' and 'Gonna' - How and When to Use Relaxed Pronunciation in English (AJ #12)

(Note: If you want to reach a high level of English, click here.)In episode 12 of Ask Jack, I answer a question on 'gonna' and 'going to' and when to use relaxed pronunciation when speaking English.Watch in HD!Share the…