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Learn English Phrases: Things You'll Hear People Say on Thanksgiving and Black Friday

This is a fun English lesson that gives you phrases that you'll hear people say on Thanksgiving Day and on Black Friday.Hope you enjoy it!How long will this take? We’re using the verb take to talk about duration. You can use either…
5 British English Phrases

5 Common British English Phrases - Learn Real English!

In this English lesson, you're going to learn five phrases/expressions in British English.These are commonly used so you're learning English you need to know.#1: I’M KNACKERED Use this when you feel really tired. Notice the way…
talking about sickness in english

Learn English Phrases: How to Talk about Sickness in English (Free PDF and MP3 File!)

In this English lesson, you're going to learn key English phrases so you can talk about sickness.You'll learn some key differences between British and American English, the difference between sore and ache, and a fantastic idiom to use when…
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English Lesson: What's in the Bag? (Keep, Drink vs Drink Up, and More)

Ready for a fun English lesson?Well, I've got one for you!In this lesson, you're going to learn the two ways you can use keep, the difference between drink and drink up, what awkward means and much more.Oh, and you're going…
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The #1 Reason Why You're Not Fluent in English & What to Do to Speak with More Confidence

In this lesson, I'm going to share what I believe to be the number one reason why most learners don't become fluent in English.This might be controversial.It might make you feel angry.But if you're honest with yourself and ask yourself…
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7 Phrases and Idioms about Sleep | Learn Advanced English | Video Lesson with Written Examples

In this English lesson, you're going to learn 7 phrases and idioms related to sleep.I decided to make this lesson because of this: me on Instagram here.7 Phrases about Sleep: Video…
i could get used to this

I Could Get Used to This - Learn English Phrases

The other day, I posted the following on my Instagram account: I used the phrase: I could get used to this.Let me explain how to use it in the following video:We use this phrase when we…

English Lesson: Using Would to Talk About Perfect Daily Routines

A few weeks back, I talked about my daily routine. This gave you some real examples of how to talk about this in English.In this latest lesson, I talk about how my routine has changed and what a perfect day would look like.Enjoy!Lesson…
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English Lesson: How Do You Get to Work?

In this lesson, you are going to learn words and phrases related to the daily commute.Enjoy!English Lesson Notes At the start of the lesson, I introduced this picture from Instagram and the phrase, "I'm so full."Here are two other…

Halloween English Lesson: Learn Words and Phrases Related to This Holiday

In this English lesson, you're going to learn words and phrases related to Halloween.Enjoy!Words and Phrases Used in This English Lesson* Trick-or-treating - going to houses and saying "trick or treat?" - people then give the kids…