Conversation Summer tofluency

Listen to This Conversation in English about Summer - Lots of Phrases and Great Listening Practice!

It's time for another video where Kate and I have a real conversation in English.This time, we're talking about summer!This is a great way for you to learn phrases in a natural way and for you to practice your listening.Watch the…
learn conversational english - the future-0

A Real English Conversation on the Future | To Fluency Podcast

Kate and I are back with another conversation. This time, we talk about the future!(Be sure to listen for will and going to!)Phrases Used in This LessonWhat to Do Now: Get downloadable materials (fluency phrases and memory cards)…
English conversation getting sick

English Listening Practice: A Conversation in English about Getting Sick 🤒

In the latest episode of the to fluency podcast, Kate and I talk about getting sick!You're going to learn vocabulary such as:to fight something off symptoms hygiene...... and you're going to learn some amazing phrases.Be…
Advanced English Conversation about Houses

A Conversation in English About Houses | English Listening Practice

In the latest episode of Real English Conversations, Kate and I talk about houses.You're going to learn vocabulary such as:to live out in the country semi-detached to be obsessed with real estate and much moreBe sure to…
english conversation about travel

A Conversation about Travel: Learn Real English 😀

 In the latest episode of our new podcast, my wife and I talk about travel.A few things to focus on:how we use remember the use of used to and would to talk about the past how we use 'um', 'I mean', and 'you know' as…

Learn English Podcast: A Conversation About Thanksgiving (Pilot Episode)

It's here!I'm so excited to share the pilot episode (test) of our new podcast here at To Fluency.My wife and I have been talking about doing this for a while. And yesterday, we sat down and recorded our first conversation.This will…

A Conversation in British and American English (Learn English)

A lot of learners ask me about the difference between British and American English.I made a video on this here.However, in this video, you will be able to listen to a conversation between my me and my wife. My wife is American and I'm…
Conversation British and American English

Conversation in English: Learn Real, Everyday English (Video)

(Note: If you want to reach a high level of English, click here.)You are about to watch the recording of a live lesson that my wife and I gave.My wife is American and I am British.Therefore, you will hear both versions of English…