5 Common British English Phrases – Learn Real English!

5 British English Phrases

In this English lesson, you’re going to learn five phrases/expressions in British English.

These are commonly used so you’re learning English you need to know.


Use this when you feel really tired. Notice the way I say this and the emphasis I give it?

Practice it! Use this method to do it


You probably already know that people say CHEERS just before they have a drink.


.. we also use this instead of Thank You.

You can say: cheers for the ride home instead of thank you for the ride home.


Do you fancy doing something tonight is like saying:

– do you feel like doing something tonight? Or…
– do you want to do something tonight?

Notice the ING form? Learn more about verb patterns here.

Fancy dress means costume. British people love wearing fancy dress!


This means that’s great. Or that’s amazing. Or that’s fantastic.

In America, you will hear: that’s awesome!


This is a little rude so be careful when you use it.

Bloody hell is used to express anger.

But the word bloody can also be used for emphasis.

That’s bloody brilliant!
This game is bloody awful!
The weather is bloody awful today!

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