So, you want to become fluent in English?

Firstly, let me tell you that most people who want to achieve the same goal as you don’t achieve this.

And achieving this in a year is especially tough.

But… if this is your goal, then watch this video to learn the number one thing you need to do to achieve it.

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Become Fluent in English: Video Summary

become-fluent-in-englishIt’s that time of year. Everyone is setting goals and new resolutions. I’m no different – I love planning my year and outlining what I want to achieve.

For you, this means wanting to become fluent in English.

To reach that high level that you’ve always wanted (test your level here)

The bad news is that most fail. Only 8% of people achieve their new year goals.

But there are things that you can do. In fact, the most important thing is this: to really want it.

To feel excited about achieving your goal. To be fired up about becoming fluent. To be obsessed.

That is what is going to drive you forward.

And don’t make the mistake of choosing a goal that isn’t a little bit scary. Set a goal that excites you. One that really makes you motivated. One that will mean you changing as a person.

Other tips to help you reach your goal of English fluency:

1. Research what you need to do and make this specific to you.
2. Believe that you can do this
3. Focus on the most effective ways to progress
4. Enjoy the journey

For example, only read books that interest you

In the video, I shared my goals:

1. Reach 200,000 subscribers on YouTube (help me do that by sharing this video)
2. Get in the best shape of my life
3. Learn French (B1 level)

Vocabulary from the Video

* to have a good track record: this means to successfully do something over a period of time

* to set goals: to decide what goals you want to achieve.

* hit goals: to achieve goals

* give up smoking: to stop smoking.

* put on weight: to gain weight.

* can’t put down a book: it’s so good, you want to continue reading it.

Thanks for watching and reading!


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