American English Words and Phrases I HATE Using


Here is something fun…

… in this video, I outline 3 American English words and phrases that I hate using.

Lesson Summary

The words and phrases are:

  • Awesome (I prefer amazing)
  • Candy (sweets)
  • I was like… (everyone says this)

Like I said, I have internalized a lot of American English grammar and vocabulary. That’s because I’ve been living here for 6 years (present perfect continuous).

And check this video to learn more about the differences between British and American English.

Did you hear my question at the end of the video? If you did, answer it below. Thanks for watching.

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  • Denis Paraschuk

    Hello Jack,

    I faced with first time. I liked it!
    So, I am going to keep on watching your episodes.

    Thanks for your job.