How to Get English Speaking Practice, Pronunciation, and What to Do if You’re too Busy to learn English (AJ #4)

Ask Jack Episode 4

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Welcome to episode four of Ask Jack. This is where I answer YOUR questions about learning English and the English language.

As I mention in the video, to make this work I need YOUR questions. So click here to ask me a question.

In today’s episode, answer questions on finding people to practice with, pronunciation, and finding time to learn English.

Below the video, there is a transcript from this episode, and a summary of the answers.

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Hello, and welcome to episode 4 of Ask Jack: the free series where I answer your questions about learning English. So, I’ve had a great response to first 3 episodes out there. Thank you so much for your questions, for sharing the videos and for, or course, watching them too.

Now, in this episode, we’re going to have a look at three more questions I’ve received from you guys,
and if you have a question about learning English that you haven’t asked me yet, then you can do so by clicking the link. Now, when you’re ready, let’s get into question 1…

Ibrahim asks: how can I improve if I have no one to practice with? Thank you for your question, Ibrahim. Now, there are so many things that you can do to improve yourEnglish without having conversations with someone; you know, you can do things like reading; do different methods I can improve your speaking; so many things that you can do but it’s also important to get that natural practice… to have that interaction with people.

This is going to help your English in a big way and it’s going to make you excited about using your English at the same time. Now, the good news is… is that because of the Internet, there are so many different ways that you can find people to practice your English with, in fact, I made a video about how you can get more speaking practice online. Additionally, in your local area, there should be people that speak English; generally speaking, in the big cities, this… this is usually the case.

So, think about ways that you can make friends with English speakers in your local area so that you can actually have this conversation with them. But as I say, (there are) so many ways to find speakers online so that you can practice, and in the show notes, I’ll have more notes on this for you.

Pascale asks: how can I know how to pronounce words in English without looking at a dictionary? Pascale, English is really problematic when it comes to pronunciation it’s not phonetic so this means you can’t know the pronunciation just by reading a word so, therefore, looking up the word in a dictionary and listening to the word is recommended if you want to know how it’s pronounced.

But this also leads into something that I recommend doing too, and that is to listen to English as much as possible, and if you’re going to read in English, try to find books and resources that also have the audio format too. Now, I know a lot of English learners who like to listen and read at the same time and doing this is going to help you attach sounds to the words that you read; but, additionally, try to listen to other things too – listening is so important especially with English which isn’t a phonetic language. But if you see a word on a page and you don’t know how to pronounce it, look it up in an online dictionary and listen to the pronunciation that way you going to know exactly how it’s pronounced.

Jafar from Indonesia asks: I want to improve my English but I don’t have time to learn. What should I do? Thank you for this question Jafar. Now, I receive this question all the time because we’re all busy; we all have jobs; we have to spend time with family; we have different interests and hobbies and, therefore, we we look at our schedule and think, “When can I do this? When can I learn English?” or in my case when can I learn to play the guitar? Or learn photography? Or whatever hobby this may be?

Now, I made a video on this subject and I talked about the things that you can do if you are too busy to learn English. So I’ll link to that now… but in a nutshell (there are) the two things to bear in mind here; two things to think about: the first one is thinking about your priorities – now, are you doing things that aren’t as important as learning English and if so, why not replace those activities with English. Now, this doesn’t mean that it has to be English study because … it could be as simple as instead of watching television in your native language, watch television in English. And just thinking about the different things that you can do in English throughout your day. Now, if you are super busy

Now, if you are super busy and you think, I don’t have half an hour today to learn English then listen to English while doing other things always have English radio on while you’re working, for example, and listen to English, obviously, when you’re going to work. So, there are different ways that you can fit more English into your daily routine even if you’re really busy.

Now, my question for this video is this: do you find English pronunciation difficult? Leave your answers below this video, thanks for watching and see you next time!

Q1: How can I improve if I have no one to practice with?

If you have no one to practice your English with, you need to find someone. Luckily, that is much easier to do these days as there are many ways to get practice online (see here). Additionally, most cities have English speakers who you can practice with. And also, there are many things that you can do to improve your speaking without having conversations. The LRRC method is one example of this.

Q2: How can I know how to pronounce words without looking at a dictionary?

English provides difficulties when it comes to pronunciation. It’s not phonetic and, therefore, you can’t know the pronunciation of a word by reading it alone. That is why English dictionaries, especially those with the ability to listen to the word, are very helpful. I also recommend doing as much listening as possible and getting the audio version of books too. This will make a big difference to your pronunciation.

Q3: I want to improve my English but I don’t have time to learn. What should I do?

Everyone is busy. We all have jobs, families, and other commitments. That is why you need to find ways to incorporate more English into your life. I spoke about this in AJ2 and also went into depth about this here. In a nutshell, think about your priorities. Are you doing things that aren’t as important to you as your English? If so, make a change. Also, think about ways that you can use your English while doing other things. and other ways that you can get more English into your life.

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  • Nafa

    Sometimes pronunciation is difficult. The main problem is that in English there are sounds which doesn’t exist in my native language. I would say this problem for beginners. Now I’m used to these sounds)

    And I’d like to give some advices for those who doesn’t have time for English. Try to do things in English which you do in your native language! It’s the best way! Turn your mobile and PC language in English. Search necessary information in the Internet in English at first, and only after this in your native! Do you want to learn to play guitar? Watch tutorials in English! A lot of studies? Study in English! For example, I bought for me the giant book in English which stores immense knowledges in domain I study. And it’s so exciting to read it in original language! I wouldn’t be such eager to read it, if it wasn’t in English! Of course, it takes more time and it’s more difficult, but it’s worthwhile for your English and for professional future! And so on, learn English in this way! I hope it’ll help someone) Enjoy learning English!

  • Sahar Shamout

    I find it easy to prounce English and i enjoy that..all I need is someone with right pronounciation to practice with, cause in my local school long time ago I remember their pronounciation is so bad.