English Listening Practice #5: My Wife’s Birthday

Advanced English Listening wife's birthday

In the latest video that gives you advanced listening practice, you are going to learn some really useful English related to birthdays.

There are a few notes from the video below, but download the full lesson plan to really help your English (see below).

This is a fun and engaging way to improve your English, so click play and watch in HD!

Step 1. Watch the Video

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Advanced English Listening: My Wife’s Birthday

Preparing for my wife’s birthday was a lot of fun and she had a wonderful day.

During the video, I used a few phrasal verbs, including put up (I put up some balloons).

I used the first conditional twice too.

And I used some very useful and common phrases.

The best way to learn English from this video is to download the worksheet that comes with it.

Step 2. Download the Worksheet (Pay What You Want!)

Learn useful vocabulary and grammar, see more examples, read the transcript, and take a quick quiz to test your knowledge.

Pay what you want for it.

If you want to get it for free, go ahead. If you want to pay $20, that’s fine. It’s your decision how much you pay.

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