English Listening Practice #6: Cancelled Flight

Advanced Listening Practice #4

In the latest video that gives you advanced listening practice, you are going to learn some really useful English related to travel.

There are a few notes from the video below, but download the full lesson plan to really help your English (see below).

This is a fun and engaging way to improve your English, so click play and watch in HD!

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Advanced English Listening Practice: Canceled Flight


As you have just heard, the start of my trip didn’t go to plan.

Although my flight was canceled – and although I got sick! – I found it all quite amusing.

I felt very fortunate to be able to go traveling for that amount of time and in the future, I see myself traveling more.

I used the past perfect a few times in the video. For example, I said, “I had never been to Paris before.”

To learn how to use the past perfect, download the worksheet.

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