You want to become fluent in English, right?TF Revolution Transparent That’s what all English learners want. But the majority never get there.


Because too many learners do the wrong things.

They continue using traditional methods even though these don’t work. They sometimes look for the “magic” formula (learn English in seven days), but….

They become frustrated and go through cycles of learning, where they always seem to be starting to learn English… AGAIN!

Does this sound familiar?

If so, you are not alone.

Now, let me tell you three things about learning English. These are three things that you NEED to know if you actually want to understand natives and speak at a high level.

Number One: There is no magic formula for becoming fluent in English.

Number Two: Reaching a high level takes more time with English than you think.

Number Three: Traditional methods are NOT the answer – do NOT think that another grammar book or group course is going to make a difference.

Sounds bad right?

Well, at To Fluency we do things differently. And I think you are going to like it.

Here is what we are all about

Here at To Fluency we show you what you need to do to reach a high level of English. We show you how you can take control of your learning, and give you everything you need to do to FINALLY make progress to English fluency.

Fluency Nation is growing bigger every day. And we want YOU to become a part of this community.

Those on the road to fluency do the following:

  • They use methods that actually work
  • They take control of their learning and learn independently (with help from others)
  • They enjoy the journey and have lots of fun
  • They make English a part of their life
  • They make amazing progress

Are you ready to stop wasting time on methods that don’t work?

Are you ready to get on the road to English fluency?

If so, then join the revolution and become a part of Fluency Nation today!

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Who Is Behind To Fluency

Hello, I’m Jack Askew, the creator of To Fluency. I am a certified English language teacher and language lover. I have helped many English learners reach a high level of English, and I want to help you too.

Here is more about me…

I’m originally from the UK, but now live in the mountains of North Carolina in US. After graduating university, I worked in a marketing company for two years before going traveling to South America for 8 months.

I then spent two years in Spain (Bilbao and Valencia), and had an amazing time teaching English.

I then started teaching English lessons one-to-one online before finding my passion: language acquisition and English language coaching. You see, I realized how powerful English language learning coaching can be. I researched this topic, applied the methods to my own language learning, worked with learners from all around the world, and saw some incredible results.

All my experience and knowledge is here at To Fluency.

You are going to learn the keys to reaching a high level of English, and how to have a lot of fun while doing this.

If you are ready to ACTUALLY start making progress, then click here to get started!