7 Phrases and Idioms about Sleep | Learn Advanced English | Video Lesson with Written Examples

sleep phrases idioms english

In this English lesson, you’re going to learn 7 phrases and idioms related to sleep.

I decided to make this lesson because of this:

My son fell asleep on the way to school. Should I wake him up?

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7 Phrases about Sleep: Video Lesson

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1: to fall asleep

This means to go to sleep. It’s used a lot. Here are more examples:

  • my son fell asleep in the car
  • I can’t fall asleep on planes
  • I think I’m going to fall asleep soon

2: let him sleep

This means to allow him to continue sleep. It’s the same as saying don’t wake him up.

3: I’m getting tired

This is what people say when they feel sleepy. Notice that we use the verb get. This is similar to this lesson.

  • I’m starting to get sleepy
  • I think he’s getting tired

4: I’m knackered!

This is a British expression that means exhausted. You’ll hear it a lot in the U.K.

5: put the kids to bed

This is where you help your kids brush their teeth, put on their pajamas, and then read them stories before helping them go to sleep.

  • do you want to put the kids to bed tonight?
  • It takes us over an hour to put the kids to bed

6. get up with the kids

When children wake up in the morning, they need a parent or adult to help them. That’s my job!

  • I get up with the kids every morning
  • it’s great when my mum is here because she gets up with the kids

7: to sleep on something

This is when you wait to make a decision until the following morning.

  • let me sleep on it and I’ll call you in the morning
  • sleep on it and let me know tomorrow

BONUS: sleep through something

To remain asleep even though something is happening. In the video, I told the story of how my son slept through a party. He was so tired!

Over to You

I asked several questions during this lesson. Leave your answers below!

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  • Sherif Ahmed

    Hey. I’m from Egypt. I think you should the little prince sleep. I sometimes fall asleep when i’m too knackered. usually i feel it’s not secure to do it. I’m not getting tired after having lunch. most of times . i get energy and i want to make activity. May be jogging or playing football.