English Romance Phrases

I’ve got a great lesson for you!

It’s a video which teaches you 43 phrases romantic English phrases. This is how it works:

  1. Watch the video of David and Sarah meeting at a hotel bar
  2. Do this at least twice (turn on subtitles)
  3. Go below the video to see the list of phrases and their explanations


Sitting on her own at a hotel bar: to sit on your own means to be by yourself

  • You don’t have to sit on your own
  • I prefer to sit on my own

Sarah has recently broken up with her long-term boyfriend: to break up with someone is to end the relationship with someone

  • have you heard that Jessica and Paul broke up?
  • I think he’s going to break up with her

David is, let’s say, a little bit of a player: if someone is a player he/she likes to go out with a lot of people (romantically) without getting into a serious relationship. This is quite informal.

  • he’s such a player
  • I wouldn’t trust him – he’s a player

He likes to chat up women: to chat someone up means to talk to someone in a friendly way because you are attracted to them

  • I don’t have the confidence to go over and chat her up
  • Are you chatting me up?

He likes to go out on lots of dates: to go out on a date means to spend time with someone in a romantic way

  • He wants to take me out on a date
  • Let’s go out on a date this weekend

At the moment he is single too: to be single means to not be in a relationship

  • Do you think she’s single?
  • Being single is amazing at times

He’s checking the football results on his phone: to check something on your phone is similar to looking something up

  • Can you check the weather on your phone?
  • I’ll just check what time it starts (on my phone)

He starts to check out Sarah: to check someone out means to look at them to see if you find them attractive – or to let them know that you like them in a subtle way

  • Is that guy checking you out?
  • Stop checking that girl out – we’re on a date!

He likes what he sees: a fun way to say that he thinks she’s attractive

  • Do you like what you see?
  • I’m looking and I’m liking

He finds her very attractive: to find someone attractive means to think that they’re attractive

  • do you still find me attractive?
  • I don’t think she finds him attractive anymore

He thinks she’s very beautiful: Another way to say “find someone attractive”

  • You’re so beautiful!
  • She’s beautiful inside and out

She has this special aura about her: a special quality that is hard to define

  • He just has this aura about him
  • There was this aura about her

To see if she’s noticing him as well: to notice someone means to know that someone is there

  • I keep trying to catch her attention but she hasn’t noticed me yet
  • I’m noticing you noticing me

He’s starting to get a little frustrated: to get frustrated means to feel distressed and to be annoyed

  • She hasn’t texted me back yet – I’m getting a little frustrated
  • You look frustrated!

He’s trying to build up the courage to go over to her: to build up the courage means to become brave enough to do something

  • I need a couple of drinks to build up my courage
  • So, I built up my courage and finally asked her out. She said no.

Finally, he gets up out of his chair: to get out of your chair – another way to say it

  • Get up out of your chair a second
  • There’s no need to get up out of your chair

Walks over to Sarah at the bar: You can walk over, go over, run over or come over to someone

  • Is that guy coming over to you?
  • Just walk over to her and ask her for her number?

And makes his move: to make your move means to take decisive action in order to achieve something

  • Okay, I’m ready to make my move
  • I thought you’d never make your move

There is instant chemistry: here, chemistry means sexual attraction

  • There’s just no chemistry between them – I’m surprised they’re together
  • There’s a lot of chemistry between us

They flirt with each other straight away: behave in a fun way to let someone know that you find them attractive – it doesn’t always have to be serious

  • Were you flirting with her?
  • Stop flirting with my sister!

Although she’s a little hesitant: to be hesitant to be unsure about doing something or to delay doing something

  • you seem hesitant about taking that job
  • I’m a little hesitant about doing that diet

She starts to open up about what she does: to open up about something means to start sharing things

  • Do you mind if I open up a little about it?
  • I think I started opening up a little too much

This tattoo caused the breakup of her long-term relationship: this takes the phrasal verb break up as a noun

  • It’s been tough since our breakup
  • Breakups are difficult

They’re glancing at each other and flirting a little bit more: to glance at someone means to look at them for a short amount of time – the opposite of staring

  • he glanced at his friend before asking me out
  • I just glanced at him – he’s very attractive!

David orders two shots: a shot is a small class of alcohol (spirit)

  • let’s do shots
  • I’ll get us some shots

They raise their glasses: to lift something higher – notice the difference with rise

  • Raise your hand if you know the answer
  • Rise from your chairs

He downs it in one: to drinks something in one go

  • I wouldn’t down that
  • I’m so thirsty I could down that big bottle of water

She needs to go back to her room soon to prepare for her presentation: go back somewhere means to return

  • Let’s go back to that restaurant we loved
  • Want to go back soon?

He hands over his phone: to hand over something means to pass something to someone – in most cases, it’s ordered

  • we need you to hand over your phones
  • they asked us to hand over our passports

He asks her to put her number in it: to enter her number

  • can you put your number in here?
  • put your address in here

He thinks about when he’s going to text her next

  • I need to text that guy back
  • Has he texted you yet?

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