3 English Phrases I Used While Traveling | LET’S and CAN YOU

3 phrases I used while traveling

In this English lesson, you’re going to learn three phrases that I used while traveling.


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Video Transcript

Hello! This is Jack from tofluency.com and in this English lesson, I’m going to talk about three phrases that I used during our journey home. So, as I explained in a different video, we came home the other day and I said that it’s great to be back. Now, while I was on this journey I used the following three phrases: let’s get going. Let’s keep going. And can you pass me…? So, let’s look at the first one.

Now, we are having some heavy rain at the moment – I hope it isn’t too loud for you in the background. The first phrase I used while we were in the hotel, ok, so my wife and I were getting ready; we had already woken up and we were getting our things ready. We looked around the room and I said: let’s get going. Let’s get going. So, this just means to start the journey, so, I was suggesting in a way to say that I really want to go now. Let’s get going – let’s start our journey home. So, this is commonly used when we’re talking about
traveling, especially in cars. We can also use it just when we want to start our day or to start a lesson, ok, and a very similar phrase is: let’s get started. So, in English class you, might hear the teachers say: okay, let’s get started. This is something I use as well at the start of my live lessons and in my English lessons.

Now, the second phrase I used while we were in the car – while we were driving, and we saw a sign that told us that a rest stop was coming up. My wife said: should we stop here? And I said: let’s keep going. so it’s very similar to the first one but what this one means is to continue driving; not to stop. So, you’ll hear people say this in the car or while walking somewhere and say: shall we stop here? And you can say: let’s keep going; let’s continue our journey.

Now, the last one I used a lot during our journey because I drove the entire way. So, I do the driving when we go on a road trip but I need some water; I might need a snack, so, I say to my wife: can you pass me the water? Can you pass me the chips? Can you pass me my sandwich? And this is a very common way to ask someone to give you something. Can you pass me? a variation of this is to use could instead of can, and I think I actually use ‘could’ more often because it’s more informal: could you pass me the
water? Could you pass me my sandwich etc? And also remember, if you’re talking to a stranger and in most situations, you can add please at the end: can you pass me the water, please?

When I’m traveling I always want to just keep going. I don’t like stopping – I want to just keep going and to make good time. Now, my question for you for this video is this: when you’re taking a long journey in the car or any kind of vehicle do you prefer to stop often or do you prefer to keep going? So, please let me know in the comments section below and thank you for watching this lesson!

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