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Hello! In this English lesson, you’re going to learn three English idioms that I used last weekend.

Here at To Fluency we teach the English you need to know. And these idioms are useful because they are commonly used.

However, it’s important to know that idioms are used in specific situations. So, watch the lesson and learn some new vocabulary!

Things Got Out of Hand

This means that there was chaos. Things got crazy!

I used this while talking about working at the bouncy house at the school festival.

There were kids everywhere. They were sneaking into the bouncy house. They were jumping everywhere.

Things got out of hand!

You may hear teachers say: the class got out of hand.

Speak of the Devil

It seems like there are similar idioms in other languages.

This is very specific and is used when the person you are talking about appears.

The example I gave was this: “We were talking about how well he had been playing and then he appeared.” I said, “speak of the devil!”

Notice the past perfect continuous?

Under the Weather

This is a popular idiom and means that you’re not feeling very well.

  • I’m feeling under the weather
  • I’m a little under the weather
  • I was under the weather so I missed the party

Want to learn more about sickness phrases?

Watch the following two videos:

Or watch on YouTube here.

Or watch on YouTube here.

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